What Is School of Hybrid?

The School of Hybrid is a social enterprise on a quest to inspire innovation, collaboration and creativity with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects within primary and secondary schools throughout the UK.

We do this without extra cost or time for students, through the mixing of two different and currently very separate school subjects into one hybrid class. Our Hybrid Heroes work with teachers to a create fun and engaging lessons that are totally out of the ordinary. Designed for those that tend more towards the Arts to see the Sciences from a new, more creative perspective. 

School of Hybrid is not one school, it's for every school. Most importantly it's a hub of unconventional inspiration, encouraging young minds to think about STEM subjects in a new way. 


"At school I studied half arts, half sciences, loved theatre, tried my part at sports but also felt inspired by science. Nothing has changed apart from how I frame it. I have spent my life remixing disciplines because I think it leads to the most fulfilling, fun, collaborative, inspiring and innovative work."

Izzy Lawrence

Co-founder of School of Hybrid


What is a Hybrid?

 [Noun]  A thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture

[Adj] Of mixed character; composed of mixed parts.

We believe people, great ideas and innovation thrive at the intersection of two or more different disciplines. Traditionally classes and disciplines have been siloed and contained separately. We believe the future is in mixing things up, mainly to help those that love Arts enjoy learning Science...


TEDx Youth talk about being a Design and Engineering hybrid by Jessi Baker, Co-founder of School of Hybrid, November 2012


2 different subjects, 1 hybrid class

Two teachers. Two curriculums. One unconventional double lesson.

A Maths teacher collaborating with an Art teacher to teach graph drawing with charcoal techniques. A Chemistry and a Textiles teacher help students create different environmentally reactive dyes for handwoven fabrics. An economics and a drama teacher using improvisation to teach the class about Capitalism. Combining Sports and Biology allows the monitoring heart rates during a practise session. Mixing Dance with Physics to teach Newton's laws of motion.

The list is only limited by your imagination. Collaborative lessons are possible for all subject combinations, age ranges and curriculums: Fostering innovation and revolutionary thinking through science and creative arts working together. 


"Studying a Mathematics class for an hour and then packing away my books to walk to a different part of school to roll up my sleeves in an art class imposed a barrier between these two subjects, making a relationship between creative subjects and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) currently goes against the grain of the school system in the UK, yet it is producing todays most innovative and profitable businesses."

Jessi Baker

Co-founder of School of Hybrid